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Severin BC 7058

All products » Vacuum Cleaner » Severin » BC 7058

Dust bag for Severin BC 7058

Dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter)
Dust bag for Severin BC 7058

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Dimensions: : L300 x B315 x H45 mm

Model number: SG-SZM-1000347

Compatible with:
GR 50
Uni-bag XL

10 bags per package
1 filter per package
Material: Microfiber
Intense Filtration
12 month warranty

Free shipping
Normal price: $ 22.67
Our price: $ 19.27

DustDeal.com In stock: high volume (more than 10 items available)
Compatible partnumbers:
GR 50
Uni-bag XL
For Severin BC 7058 the following alternative dust bags are offered:
Dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter)
Dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter)
» More info
$ 18.14
Dust bags (10 bags, 1 filter)
Dust bags (10 bags, 1 filter)
» More info
$ 17.00
This product is compatible with:
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Nilfisk GM64 Centuria
Nilfisk GM65
Nilfisk GM65 Plus
AEG-Electrolux GR50
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Tristar JC802EM
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Spitzenreiter JC831E
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Dirt Devil M1612
Dirt Devil M1613
Dirt Devil M1631
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Dirt Devil M1891
Dirt Devil M1900
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Dirt Devil M7006
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Germatic PS1600W.3
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Daewoo RC-205D
Daewoo RC-209
Daewoo RC-209 D
Daewoo RC-209D
Daewoo RC-210 K
Daewoo RC-2500
Daewoo RC-3504
Daewoo RC-405
Daewoo RC-405 K
Daewoo RC-406
Daewoo RC-406 K
Daewoo RC-407
Daewoo RC-450
Daewoo RC-5000 HM
Daewoo RC-5001
Daewoo RC-505
Daewoo RC-505 K
Daewoo RC-550
Daewoo RC-605
Daewoo RC-605 D
Daewoo RC-605 K
Daewoo RC-605D
Daewoo RC-606 FK
Daewoo RC-607 K
Daewoo RC-608 WK
Daewoo RC-609
Daewoo RC-609 D
Daewoo RC-609 K
Daewoo RC-609D
Daewoo RC-7006 B
Daewoo RC-705
Daewoo RC-705 D
Daewoo RC-705D
Daewoo RC-707
Daewoo RC-805
Daewoo RC-805A
Daewoo RC-8200
Daewoo RC-8500
Samsung RC1515
Samsung RC5000
Samsung RC5500
Samsung RC5510
Samsung RC5511N
Samsung RC5513
Samsung RC5513 V
Samsung RC5800
Samsung RC5900
Samsung RC5914
Samsung RC5914V
Samsung RC5915
Samsung RC5915V
Samsung RC5923
Samsung RC5924
Samsung RC5932
Samsung RC5933
Samsung RC5934
Samsung RC5934TR
Samsung RC5935
Samsung RC5943
Samsung RC5944
Samsung RC5944 Easy
Samsung RC5955
Samsung RC5956
Samsung RC5960
Samsung RC5960 Easy
Samsung RC5965
Samsung RC5999
Samsung RC6200
Samsung RC6299
Samsung RC6400
Samsung RC6410
Samsung RC6499
Daewoo RCG-100
LG RG105
Tristar RND 1401
Trisa Racer 9441
Princess Red Fox
Imetec Resiro
Tristar S1267
Daewoo SB90
Severin SB9017
Tristar SB9095
Severin SB9095
Severin SB9517
Sanyo SC 35
Sanyo SC 357
Sanyo SC 35A
Sanyo SC 37 C
Samsung SC 4030
Samsung SC 61E0
Samsung SC 6216
Sanyo SC 65
Sanyo SC 660
Sanyo SC 680
Sanyo SC 7000
Sanyo SC 7020
Sanyo SC 7030
Sanyo SC 7050
Sanyo SC 7060
Sanyo SC 7070
Sanyo SC 78
Sanyo SC 91
Samsung SC P 221
Sanyo SC P 8
Sanyo SC-S380
Samsung SC4000 Digimax
Sanyo SCN 200
Sanyo SCN 310
Alpina SF2210
Tristar SKUPPY
Staub Lorenz SL006
AEG-Electrolux SL225B
Athena SMART 300
SupportPlus SP-BSS-1600-PD
SupportPlus SP-VAC04G-0223
SupportPlus SPBSS2000TD
SupportPlus SPBSS2200
SupportPlus SPVAC04G0223
SupportPlus SPVAC04H0289
SupportPlus SPVAC06A006
Clatronic SSB 101
Daewoo ST 20
Efbe ST100
Schott ST100
Team ST20E
Efbe ST28BT
Schott ST28BT
Novamatic STS 718
Novamatic STS725E
Sencor SVC300YL
Sencor SVC400LB
Sencor SVC821RD
Tristar SZ 1911
Tristar SZ 1930
Tristar SZ1909
Hollandia SZ1909DW
Tristar SZ1913
Tristar SZ2156
Tristar SZ2158
Tristar SZ2164
Tristar SZ2177
Tristar SZ2178
Tristar SZ2179
Tristar SZ2194
Rotel Salsa
Rotel Samba
Tristar Scoop 11
Eio Sento 1600
Princess Silence Deluxe
Princess Silverwing 1300
Princess Silverwing 1400
IdeLine Sirocco 740-048
Tristar Sirocco 740-048
IdeLine Sirocco 740-049
Tristar Sirocco 740-049
Dirt Devil Skuppy
AEG-Electrolux Smart 350
AEG-Electrolux Smart 366
AEG-Electrolux Smart 399
IdeLine Speed
Nilfisk Sprint
Trisa Studio Vac 9432
Trisa Super Vac 9057
Trisa Super Vac 9082
Hanseatic Sweety
Tristar Sweety 1400
Hanseatic Sweety 1400Watt
Hanseatic Sweety 566.935
Rotel Swing
Clatronic T 1200
Tristar TB 36
Samsung TC 9000
Tchibo TCM05609
Tchibo TCM59290
Tchibo TCM66390
Tchibo TCM69534
Samsung TG 9000
Tristar TM1292
Trendline TR973
Kärcher TSC 500
Kärcher TSC 505
Clatronic TWINO 1200
Tristar TXA 1
Tristar Technomax 11
Electronic Tigro
Melissa Triton
LG Turbo 4000
SupportPlus Turbo Dragon 2000
LG Turbo Extra V-982CE
LG Turbo Extra V-982TE
Tristar Turbo Gamma
Tristar Turbo Storm
Imetec Turboclean
Monix Turbomax 1400
AFK Twingo
Grundig Type G
Volta U 2300
Volta U 2399
Volta U 3201
Volta U 3202
Volta U 3210
Volta U 3410
Volta U 3420
Volta U 3440
Volta U 3450
Volta U 3700
Volta U 3799 Sprite
Volta U4210
Volta U4220
Rotel U61.0 Salsa
Rotel U61.3
Rotel U610CH1
Rotel U62.31 Lenox 1600
Rotel U62.4
Rotel U62.8
AEG-Electrolux U62.8
Rotel U62.8 Samba
Rotel U63.11 Azur 1800
Rotel U63.8
Rotel U63.9
Rotel U64.1
Rotel U65.8
AFK Uni-bag
Sanyo Uni-bag
Philips Uni-bag
Clatronic Uni-bag
Bomann Uni-bag
Samsung Uni-bag
LG Uni-bag
Bestron Uni-bag
Tristar Uni-bag
Daewoo Uni-bag
Athena Uni-bag
AEG-Electrolux Uni-bag
LG V 2620
LG V 4200 HT
LG V 4200 HTB
LG V 4200 HTG
LG V 4200 HTR
LG V 4200 HTV
LG V 4400
LG V 982
LG V 982 CE
LG V 982 TE
Nikko V1514
Melissa V2040 Point
Goldstar V982E
SupportPlus VAC-04H-0289
Samsung VC 1000 E
Alaska VC 2600
Everglades VC 3
Samsung VC 4012
LG VC 4400
LG VC 4440
LG VC 4500
Samsung VC 5000
Samsung VC 5010
Samsung VC 5013
Samsung VC 550
Samsung VC 5512
Samsung VC 5800
Samsung VC 5900
Samsung VC 5913
Samsung VC 5913 V
Samsung VC 5914
Samsung VC 5914 V
Samsung VC 5915
Samsung VC 6012
Samsung VC 6014
Samsung VC 6100
Samsung VC 6123 STE
Samsung VC 6200
Samsung VC 6211
Samsung VC 6211 S
Samsung VC 6213
Samsung VC 6213 S
Samsung VC 6213 SE
Samsung VC 6213 ST
Samsung VC 6215
Samsung VC 6300
Samsung VC 6311
Samsung VC 6313
Samsung VC 6313 H
Samsung VC 6315
Samsung VC 6400
Samsung VC 6413
Samsung VC 6700
Samsung VC 6713
Samsung VC 6713 H
Samsung VC 6714
Samsung VC 6714 H
Samsung VC 6715
Samsung VC 6800
Daewoo VC 6800
Daewoo VC 6813
Samsung VC 6813 V
Samsung VC 6814
Daewoo VC 6814
Samsung VC 6815
Samsung VC 6815 V
Samsung VC 7000
Samsung VC 7100
Samsung VC 7113
Samsung VC 7415
Samsung VC 7415 V
Samsung VC 7500
Samsung VC 7614 V
Samsung VC 7615 V
Samsung VC 7616 V
Samsung VC 7714
Samsung VC 7716
Samsung VC 7716 VN
Samsung VC 7725
Samsung VC 7726 V
Samsung VC 7727 V
Samsung VC 8614
Samsung VC 8614 V
Samsung VC 8615 E
Samsung VC 8800
Samsung VC 8903 E
Samsung VC 8928
Samsung VC 8928 E
Samsung VC 8932 E
Samsung VC 8932 ET
Samsung VC 900 E
Tristar VC H5003 E
Hanseatic VC-H 4205
Proline VC1300M
Proline VC1300PP
Alaska VC2030
Ecron VC2030
Metro VC2030
Kalorik VC25
LG VC2940
Elta VC301
Samsung VC5000
Samsung VC5800
Samsung VC5802
Samsung VC5803
Samsung VC5804
Samsung VC5806
Samsung VC5811
Samsung VC5813
Samsung VC5814
Samsung VC5815
Samsung VC5825
Samsung VC5851
Samsung VC5853
Samsung VC5854
Samsung VC5872
Samsung VC5899
Samsung VC5900
Samsung VC5901
Samsung VC5902
Samsung VC5903
Samsung VC5904
Samsung VC5905
Samsung VC5906
Samsung VC5907
Samsung VC5908
Samsung VC5909
Samsung VC5910
Samsung VC5911
Samsung VC5912
Samsung VC5913
Samsung VC5914
Samsung VC5915
Samsung VC5916
Samsung VC5917
Melissa VC5918
Samsung VC5918
Samsung VC5919
Samsung VC5920
Samsung VC5921
Samsung VC5922
Samsung VC5923
Samsung VC5924
Samsung VC5925
Samsung VC5926
Samsung VC5927
Samsung VC5928
Samsung VC5929
Samsung VC5930
Samsung VC5931
Samsung VC5932
Samsung VC5933
Samsung VC5934
Samsung VC5935
Samsung VC5936
Samsung VC5937
Samsung VC5938
Samsung VC5939
Samsung VC5940
Samsung VC5941
Samsung VC5942
Samsung VC5943
Samsung VC5944
Samsung VC5945
Samsung VC5946
Samsung VC5947
Samsung VC5948
Samsung VC5949
Samsung VC5950
Samsung VC5951
Samsung VC5952
Samsung VC5953
Samsung VC5954
Samsung VC5955
Samsung VC5956
Samsung VC5956V
Samsung VC5957
Samsung VC5958
Samsung VC5959
Samsung VC5960
Samsung VC5961
Samsung VC5962
Samsung VC5963
Samsung VC5964
Samsung VC5965
Samsung VC5966
Samsung VC5967
Samsung VC5968
Samsung VC5969
Samsung VC5970
Samsung VC5971
Samsung VC5972
Samsung VC5973
Samsung VC5974
Samsung VC5975
Samsung VC5976
Samsung VC5977
Samsung VC5978
Samsung VC5979
Samsung VC5980
Samsung VC5981
Samsung VC5982
Samsung VC5983
Samsung VC5984
Samsung VC5985
Samsung VC5986
Samsung VC5987
Samsung VC5988
Samsung VC5989
Samsung VC5990
Samsung VC5991
Samsung VC5992
Samsung VC5993
Samsung VC5994
Samsung VC5995
Samsung VC5996
Samsung VC5997
Samsung VC5998
Samsung VC5999
Samsung VC6200
Samsung VC6201
Samsung VC6202
Samsung VC6208
Samsung VC6209
Samsung VC6210
Samsung VC6211
Samsung VC6212
Samsung VC6213
Samsung VC6214
Samsung VC6215
Samsung VC6216
Samsung VC6217
Samsung VC6218
Samsung VC6219
Samsung VC6220
Samsung VC6221
Samsung VC6222
Samsung VC6223
Samsung VC6224
Samsung VC6225
Samsung VC6226
Samsung VC6227
Samsung VC6228
Samsung VC6229
Samsung VC6230
Samsung VC6231
Samsung VC6232
Samsung VC6233
Samsung VC6234
Samsung VC6235
Samsung VC6236
Samsung VC6237
Samsung VC6238
Samsung VC6239
Samsung VC6240
Samsung VC6241
Samsung VC6242
Samsung VC6243
Samsung VC6244
Samsung VC6245
Samsung VC6246
Samsung VC6247
Samsung VC6248
Samsung VC6249
Samsung VC6250
Samsung VC6251
Samsung VC6252
Samsung VC6253
Samsung VC6254
Samsung VC6255
Samsung VC6256
Samsung VC6257
Samsung VC6258
Samsung VC6259
Samsung VC6260
Samsung VC6261
Samsung VC6262
Samsung VC6263
Samsung VC6264
Samsung VC6265
Samsung VC6266
Samsung VC6267
Samsung VC6268
Samsung VC6269
Samsung VC6270
Samsung VC6271
Samsung VC6272
Samsung VC6273
Samsung VC6274
Samsung VC6275
Samsung VC6276
Samsung VC6277
Samsung VC6278
Samsung VC6279
Samsung VC6280
Samsung VC6281
Samsung VC6282
Samsung VC6283
Samsung VC6284
Samsung VC6285
Samsung VC6286
Samsung VC6287
Samsung VC6288
Samsung VC6289
Samsung VC6290
Samsung VC6291
Samsung VC6292
Samsung VC6293
Samsung VC6294
Samsung VC6295
Samsung VC6296
Samsung VC6297
Samsung VC6298
Samsung VC6299
Samsung VC6400
Samsung VC6401
Samsung VC6402
Samsung VC6403
Samsung VC6404
Samsung VC6406
Samsung VC6407
Samsung VC6408
Samsung VC6409
Samsung VC6411
Samsung VC6412
Samsung VC6413
Samsung VC6414
Samsung VC6417
Samsung VC6418
Samsung VC6419
Samsung VC6421
Samsung VC6422
Samsung VC6423
Samsung VC6424
Samsung VC6426
Samsung VC6427
Samsung VC6428
Samsung VC6429
Samsung VC6430
Samsung VC6431
Samsung VC6432
Samsung VC6433
Samsung VC6434
Samsung VC6435
Samsung VC6436
Samsung VC6437
Samsung VC6438
Samsung VC6439
Samsung VC6440
Samsung VC6441
Samsung VC6442
Samsung VC6443
Samsung VC6444
Samsung VC6445
Samsung VC6446
Samsung VC6447
Samsung VC6448
Samsung VC6449
Samsung VC6450
Samsung VC6451
Samsung VC6452
Samsung VC6453
Samsung VC6454
Samsung VC6455
Samsung VC6456
Samsung VC6457
Samsung VC6458
Samsung VC6459
Samsung VC6460
Samsung VC6461
Samsung VC6462
Samsung VC6463
Samsung VC6464
Samsung VC6465
Samsung VC6466
Samsung VC6467
Samsung VC6468
Samsung VC6469
Samsung VC6470
Samsung VC6471
Samsung VC6472
Samsung VC6473
Samsung VC6474
Samsung VC6475
Samsung VC6476
Samsung VC6477
Samsung VC6478
Samsung VC6479
Samsung VC6480
Samsung VC6481
Samsung VC6482
Samsung VC6483
Samsung VC6484
Samsung VC6485
Samsung VC6486
Samsung VC6487
Samsung VC6488
Samsung VC6489
Samsung VC6490
Samsung VC6491
Samsung VC6492
Samsung VC6493
Samsung VC6494
Samsung VC6495
Samsung VC6496
Samsung VC6497
Samsung VC6498
Samsung VC6499
Samsung VCA VP78M
Proline VCB4224
Grundig VCC 3650
Grundig VCC 4950
Samsung VCC5670V3K/XEN
Samsung VCC5670V3W/XEN
Grundig VCC5850 Bodyguard
Samsung VCC61A0V3A
Samsung VCC74A5V3W
Grundig VCC7650 Bodyguard
Samsung VCC8240V3K/XEN
Tristar VCE 355
Tristar VCE 365
Tristar VCE 371
Tristar VCE 655
Condel VCH4201
Tristar VCH4201
Hanseatic VCH4201E
Hanseatic VCH4601
MPM VCH4601E Focus
Quelle VCH4801E2
Bestron VCH5000
Quelle VCH5003E
Quelle VCH5005
Quelle VCH5005ES-16
Quelle VCHT4508E
Quelle VCHT4508ES-12
Quelle VCHT4803
Quelle VCHT4808E
Samsung VCJG24AV
Samsung VL5913
Samsung VP 78
Samsung VP 95
Samsung VP 95 B
Samsung VP50
Samsung VP95
Samsung VP95B
Rotel Vega
Samsung Veloce
Omega Vision
Dirt Devil Vito 5.0
Blue Air Weasel BS 900
Electronic X
DeLonghi XHT 170E
Volta XIO
Tristar XS 1100 D
DeLonghi XS1100D
DeLonghi XTD 2040
DeLonghi XTD 2050E
DeLonghi XTD 2060E
DeLonghi XTD 2065
DeLonghi XTD 2070E
DeLonghi XTH 200E Cleos
DeLonghi XTH160
DeLonghi XTH160E
DeLonghi XTH170
DeLonghi XTH170E
DeLonghi XTH180
DeLonghi XTH180E
DeLonghi XTH190
DeLonghi XTH190E
DeLonghi XTH200
DeLonghi XTH200E
Tristar XTL 210 PE
DeLonghi XTL 212PET
Tristar XTRC 140 E
Tristar XX-9025
DeLonghi Xlence XTL 212PET
Bomann YL 101 B
Bomann YL 101 E
Bomann YL 101 EC
Bestron YL 1500E
King d Home YL101
King d Home YL107
King d Home YL15E
King d Home YL18E-140
Detailed description
High Quality

This Severin BC 7058 dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter) is made from premium microfiber. This ensures you will get the best vacuum experience possible!

Free filter

This package of Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags includes 1 free filter!
Outlet filter: you can place this filter directly on the air outlet of your vacuum cleaner. It stops dust coming back out of the vacuum cleaner.

More power

Is your Severin BC 7058 vacuum clear losing suction due to a stuffed dust bag? Replace the dust bag! These Severin BC 7058 dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter) makes sure your vacuum cleaner will last for a while again.

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