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Thomas May rated us:



I liked the price. I had ordered the same filters from my local vacuum repair shop. Yours arrived first and the price was 50% less than the local shop. Thank You

About the product:

Same as the local shop

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Great service. Very easy to find the product you want also great on keeping you informed.

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Very pleased with the product. Easy to clean.

Dallia Sebastian rated us:



Great prices on many items. Shipping was handled very well.

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Items arrived in good condition and worked as expected.

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Miele S2121

All products » Vacuum Cleaner » Miele » S2000 » S2121

Dust bag for Miele S2121

Dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter)
Dust bag for Miele S2121

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Model number: SG-SZM-1000851

Compatible with:
Type G
Type GHN
Type H
Type N

10 bags per package
1 filter per package
Material: Microfiber
Intense Filtration
Dimensions: Dust bag for Miele S2121
Outer diameter collar ring: 45 mm
Inner diameter collar ring: 33 mm
Maximum collar width: 93 mm
Collar height: 129 mm
12 month warranty

Free shipping
Normal price: $ 23.48
Our price: $ 19.96

DustDeal.com In stock: high volume (more than 10 items available)
Compatible partnumbers:
Type G
Type GHN
Type H
Type N
For Miele S2121 the following alternative dust bags are offered:
Dust bags (10 bags, 1 filter)
Dust bags (10 bags, 1 filter)
» More info
$ 22.89
Dust bags (10 bags, 1 filter)
Dust bags (10 bags, 1 filter)
» More info
$ 18.78
dust bag Suitable for Miele G/H/N 3D
dust bag Suitable for Miele G/H/N 3D
» More info
$ 17.61
This product is compatible with:
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Weltstar 1200
Weltstar 1400
Weltstar 2100
Detailed description
High Quality

This Miele S2121 dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter) is made from premium microfiber. This ensures you will get the best vacuum experience possible!

Free filter

This package of Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags includes 1 free filter!
Outlet filter: you can place this filter directly on the air outlet of your vacuum cleaner. It stops dust coming back out of the vacuum cleaner.

More power

Is your Miele S2121 vacuum clear losing suction due to a stuffed dust bag? Replace the dust bag! These Miele S2121 dust bags Microfiber (10 bags, 1 filter) makes sure your vacuum cleaner will last for a while again.

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