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Always dependable!

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Exactly what I needed!

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I liked the price. I had ordered the same filters from my local vacuum repair shop. Yours arrived first and the price was 50% less than the local shop. Thank You

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Same as the local shop

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Cocoon 921-F9141

All products » Coffee Machine » Cocoon » 921-F9141

Filter for Cocoon 921-F9141

Water Filter
Filter for Cocoon 921-F9141

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Model number: BO-NDS-461732

Compatible with:

Filter type: Water
12 month warranty

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Normal price: $ 32.88
Our price: $ 27.59

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This product is compatible with:
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Detailed description
Water Filter

Water filters provide fresh water and pure ice cubes (in case of refrigerator filters) . Water filters remove bacteria , chloride and other taste and odor disrupting substances from the water , this will also prevent bacterial growth. It is recommended to replace the water filter regularly. See the instructions of the manufacturer.

filter suitable for Cocoon 921-F9141 | vacuum filter suitable for Cocoon 921-F9141

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