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Thomas May rated us:



I liked the price. I had ordered the same filters from my local vacuum repair shop. Yours arrived first and the price was 50% less than the local shop. Thank You

About the product:

Same as the local shop

Donna Mangano rated us:



Always dependable!

About the product:

Exactly what I needed!

Sharon Anton rated us:



Great service! I am very satisfied.

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Miele S300

All products » Vacuum Cleaner » Miele » S300

We sell vacuum dust bags and vacuum parts suitable for:

Popular devices
Miele S381
Miele S311i
Miele S312i
Miele S310i
Miele S381 Tango Plus
Miele S380
Miele S321i
Miele S324i
Miele S370
Miele S300
Miele S314 White Star
Miele S371
Miele S326I
Miele S388
Miele S315i
Miele S300i
Device Partnumber
Miele S300
Miele S300i
Miele S301
Miele S301i
Miele S301I-2
Miele S302I
Miele S303I
Miele S304I
Miele S305I
Miele S306I
Miele S307I
Miele S308I
Miele S309I
Miele S310
Miele S310i
Miele S310I-2
Miele S311
Miele S311-1I
Miele S311i
Miele S312
Miele S312i
Miele S312I-2
Miele S313
Miele S313i
Miele S313I-2
Miele S314
Miele S314 White Star
Miele S314I
Miele S315
Miele S315i
Miele S315I-2
Miele S316
Miele S316-1I
Miele S3161-2
Miele S316i
Miele S316I-2
Miele S317I
Miele S318
Miele S318 Bahama Blue
Miele S318i
Miele S319I
Miele S320I
Miele S321
Miele S321-2
Miele S321i
Miele S322
Miele S322i
Miele S323
Miele S323i
Miele S324
Miele S324i
Miele S325I
Miele S326
Miele S326I
Miele S327I
Miele S328
Miele S328i
Miele S329I
Miele S330I
Miele S331I
Miele S332I
Miele S333I
Miele S334
Miele S334 Ambiente
Miele S334i
Miele S335I
Miele S336
Miele S336 Blue Magic
Miele S336i
Miele S337I
Miele S338
Miele S338i
Miele S339I
Miele S340I
Miele S341I
Miele S342
Miele S342I
Miele S343I
Miele S344
Miele S344 Platinum
Miele S344i
Miele S345I
Miele S346
Miele S346i
Miele S347
Miele S347I
Miele S348
Miele S348i
Miele S348I2
Miele S349I
Miele S350I
Miele S351I
Miele S352I
Miele S353I
Miele S354I
Miele S355I
Miele S356
Miele S356I
Miele S357I
Miele S358I
Miele S360
Miele S360I
Miele S370
Miele S370i
Miele S371
Miele S372
Miele S373
Miele S374
Miele S376
Miele S377I
Miele S378
Miele S378i
Miele S380
Miele S381
Miele S381 Tango Plus
Miele S382
Miele S384
Miele S386
Miele S388
Miele S399
Miele S399I

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