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Chris Falk rated us:



filters arrived as described and a little faster than I expected since they were shipped from outside of the US.

Thomas May rated us:



I liked the price. I had ordered the same filters from my local vacuum repair shop. Yours arrived first and the price was 50% less than the local shop. Thank You

About the product:

Same as the local shop

Donna Mangano rated us:



Always dependable!

About the product:

Exactly what I needed!

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We sell filters and other fryer accessories:

Popular devices
Tefal 73800F13DE
Device Partnumber
Tefal 314018
Tefal 314061NZ
Tefal 314085GB
Tefal 314113
Tefal 314114HU
Tefal 314135
Tefal 314151
Tefal 314157ES
Tefal 314242
Tefal 314260CL
Tefal 314265SA
Tefal 314276
Tefal 314878CH
Tefal 316530IT
Tefal 316557
Tefal 316613
Tefal 318017
Tefal 318017BGB
Tefal 318115BGB
Tefal 318115GB
Tefal 318152AT
Tefal 318152BAT
Tefal 318157_ES
Tefal 318157_PT
Tefal 318157BES
Tefal 318161BNZ
Tefal 318161NZ
Tefal 319015
Tefal 319210
Tefal 319213
Tefal 319215
Tefal 319225
Tefal 319230
Tefal 319236
Tefal 319237DK
Tefal 319252
Tefal 319257
Tefal 319261NZ
Tefal 319263XY
Tefal 319265XY
Tefal 319266XY
Tefal 319268XD
Tefal 319274GR
Tefal 319278CH
Tefal 319279
Tefal 319310
Tefal 319357ES
Tefal 319357NL
Tefal 319368PK
Tefal 319379RU
Tefal 3193KR
Tefal 319613
Tefal 319615
Tefal 319617
Tefal 319625
Tefal 319665XY
Tefal 319679
Tefal 319683GB
Tefal 319684GB
Tefal 319685GB
Tefal 319710
Tefal 319711DE
Tefal 319736
Tefal 319752
Tefal 319753AT
Tefal 319765XY
Tefal 319769
Tefal 319770SG
Tefal 319771KR
Tefal 319815
Tefal 319825
Tefal 319826NL
Tefal 319850AU
Tefal 319879RU
Tefal 3198MY
Tefal 319910
Tefal 319912DE
Tefal 319919DE
Tefal 319952AT
Tefal 319953AT
Tefal 319963XY
Tefal 319965XY
Tefal 319966XY
Tefal 319968XD
Tefal 319970SG
Tefal 612015GB
Tefal 612210DE
Tefal 612211PL
Tefal 612214HU
Tefal 612215GB
Tefal 612252AT
Tefal 73000F13AU
Tefal 73000F13CH
Tefal 73000F13DE
Tefal 73000F13GB
Tefal 73000F13IE
Tefal 73000F13IT
Tefal 73000F13NL
Tefal 73000F13NZ
Tefal 73000F13TR
Tefal 73000F1V
Tefal 73010F13
Tefal 73020F13AT
Tefal 73020F13BG
Tefal 73020F13DE
Tefal 73050F13
Tefal 73700F13CO
Tefal 73700F13GB
Tefal 73700F13IT
Tefal 73700F13US
Tefal 73800F13AT
Tefal 73800F13CA
Tefal 73800F13CL
Tefal 73800F13DE
Tefal 73800F13DK
Tefal 73800F13ES
Tefal 73800F13GB
Tefal 73800F13IE
Tefal 73800F13NL
Tefal 73800F13NZ
Tefal 73800F13PT
Tefal 73800F13RU
Tefal 73800F13SG
Tefal 73800F1V
Tefal 73800SE
Tefal 73840F13DE
Tefal 73840F13IT
Tefal 73850F13CA
Tefal 73850F13GB
Tefal 73870F13
Tefal 73900F13
Tefal 73900F1V
Tefal 73901F13
Tefal 73901F13IE
Tefal 73901F1A
Tefal 820376CA
Tefal 820410DE
Tefal 820425NL
Tefal 820430IT
Tefal 820479RU
Tefal 823610PL
Tefal 823613TR
Tefal 823616
Tefal 823618
Tefal 823650AU
Tefal 823663AR
Tefal 8236IS
Tefal 823915
Tefal 823925
Tefal 823954AT
Tefal 823961NZ
Tefal 823965XD
Tefal 832110
Tefal 832110_AAT
Tefal 832110_ADE
Tefal 832112DE
Tefal 832113
Tefal 832113_A
Tefal 832114NL
Tefal 832115
Tefal 832115_A
Tefal 832116
Tefal 832117
Tefal 832117_A
Tefal 832118
Tefal 832125
Tefal 832125_A
Tefal 832126
Tefal 832130
Tefal 832130_A
Tefal 832157
Tefal 832172
Tefal 832172_A
Tefal 832178BCH
Tefal 832178CH
Tefal 832178CHA
Tefal FR401515
Tefal FR401531
Tefal FR401550
Tefal FR401552
Tefal FR401615
Tefal FR401616
Tefal FR401650
Tefal FR401652
Tefal FR401670
Tefal FR401715
Tefal FR401731
Tefal FR401751
Tefal FR401753
Tefal FR401831
Tefal FR403930
Tefal FR403931
Tefal FR404270

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