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Ακριβώς όπως τα παραγγειλα ήρθαν και στις ημερομηνίες που μου έδωσαν. Σωστοί επαγγελματίες.

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Είναι μια χαρά, ευχαριστημένος.

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Snelle levering

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Tevreden, voldoet aan de verwachtingen

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Bosch BSG71866AU/01

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HEPA filter
HEPA filter

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Model number: SG-SZM-1000736

Compatible with:

Shape: Rectangle
Filter type: HEPA
Length: 185 (mm)
Width: 85 (mm)
Height: 35 (mm)
Color: Black
HEPA class E12
Retention 99.5%
12 month warranty

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Normal price: $ 24.92
Our price: $ 20.39

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Detailed description
Dust in your Vacuum Cleaner. Not in the Air

This filter ensures that the air blown out of your Vacuum Cleaner is filtered very precisely. Even the smallest dust particle will remain in the filter, giving the room that nice and clean feeling. Moreover, this is literally a breath of fresh air for people with allergies.

HEPA technology

This vacuum cleaner filter utilizes HEPA technology. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and is a filter type composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibres. This ensures a very high quality filtering process of the air flowing out of your vacuum cleaner.

filter suitable for SG-SZM-1000736 | vacuum filter suitable for SG-SZM-1000736

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